We breed British Shorthairs in Solid Blue, Solid Cream and

Tortoiseshell (blue and cream mixed together)

see examples of colours at the bottom of this page

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We are located in the Western Subs Melbourne.

Fairlea Cattery,

is dedicated to breeding and showing that wonderful breed of cat ,

the British Shorthair.

Having shown and bred Shetland Sheepdogs since 1985 with my mother, I decided to venture into the world of cats. After much research, including visiting cat shows and cat breeders, I decided that British Shorthairs cats were the breed I had been looking for. Their placid even temperament, intelligence and stunning looks won me over. Having grown up with Siamese and Domestics cats, nothing could be more different than a British with their dazzling orange eyes, great rounded head, powerful neck and body and intelligence.
They are the easiest of pets to live with and generally are really good at getting along with all members of the household including the dogs. Now we think they are the best (but then we might be just a tad biased.)

With lots of help from my partner Daniel, we are committed to breeding the best we can, in temperament and type, and do everything to create as many positive experiences for all the kittens and cats.
Most of all, our cats are well loved couch potatoes and showing and breeding cats second.

Example of Colours we breed below